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Cardboard Nostalgia is a subsidiary of Kapital Trading, a futures trading firm based in Chicago, IL. Our expertise lies in alternative assets. The company has become a leader in the sports card trading space, and seeks to help passionate, aspiring sports card traders grow their existing business. We are currently hiring both remote and in-house traders for our Sports Card Trading Desk. Our goal is to help traders expand their existing card business to new heights and to establish a robust network of sports card traders. We provide all the capital and you take none of the risk. No-brainer, right? You work as little or much as you want finding deals. We will agree on an area of expertise (player, team, or city) for you to focus on and after any card is sold, we pay out up to 80% of the net profits on that transaction.

CN works with sports card traders from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and trading history. The first step in becoming a CN trader is to have the passion and excitement for sports and sports cards. You bring the excitement & energy, we bring the infrastructure & funding!

Sports card collecting & trading has been around for a long time, and similar to other markets, traders that have the most success tend to be those who have a narrow focus on very specific areas of the card market. For example, a successful card trader typically sticks to a single sport (NBA, MLB, etc), may only trade cards from a specific team or city, and do so within a particular era (vintage, 2000's, etc). This focus allows the trader to really develop an expertise towards his / her market, and as such be uniquely able to spot excellent value when the opportunity arises.

Cardboard Nostalgia’s mission is to help grow the business of sports card traders. The company provides all the capital, while the trader takes none of the risk. The company and its traders agree on an area of expertise (player, team, or city) for each trader to pursue, allowing each trader the opportunity to focus in on their target market and avoid unnecessary distractions. A focused trader is a profitable trader.

Standard Trader Split Cardboard Nostalgia seeks to incentivize its traders to pursue deals that can be turned quickly (bought and sold). The faster the turnaround time, the more deals a trader can seek out, the more profitable that trader will be. Therefore, the company is structuring these ‘standard split’ trader percentages to pay higher amounts for deals that close faster, with the highest percentages being paid for deals closing within 30 days. Month 1 - 80% Month 2 - 70% Month 3 - 60% Month 4 - 50% Month 5 - 40% Month 6 - 30% Long Term Trader Split In addition to card deals that allow for a fast completion, Cardboard Nostalgia also wants to motivate its traders to seek out and capitalize on deals that may have longer expected windows to complete. These type of deals may include (for example) situations where card valuations can shift significantly between the offseason vs preseason vs regular season. Another good example are cards which may not have the best trading liquidity, thereby requiring a longer window in which to achieve the best return possible. With these types of deals in mind, it’s important that the company recognize traders should still be able to realize the best profit splits even if such deals go beyond 30 days. Month 1 - 80% Month 2 - 80% Month 3 - 80% Month 4 - 70% Month 5 - 60% Month 6 - 50%

Consistent with the split, traders will be paid out on a monthly basis, subject to the following guidelines: 1. Payouts will be paid out on or about the 5th business day of the month, which aims to capture all relevant activity for the most recent month. (August activity would be payable in early September) 2. Payouts will be calculated on all round-trip (aka closed) transactions involving both a buy and a sell that have not been previously been factored into a payout. 3. Payouts will be calculated based on the aggregate of all round-trip transactions that closed during the most recent period. 4. Payouts will be calculated on a ‘net’ basis, which factors in all relevant expenses.

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